Industrial Equipment
For our customers, we are ready to produce and provide high-quality service for the manufacture and supply of equipment. Our service is at a high level, because every day of work gives us the opportunity to grow professionally.
Vacuum induction melting Inert Gas Atomization (VIGA)
Vacuum induction melting Inert Gas Atomization or VIGNA is one of the leading powder-making processes for production of large volumes of spherical, high-grade metal powders. Our high-quality cobalt-, nickel- and iron-based frame® metal powders are produced with the specific VIGA system and have been designed specifically for the requirements of additive manufacturing.
Vacuum Precision Investment Casting Furnaces(VPIC)
Vacuum Precision Investment Casting Furnaces (VPIC) is a vacuum smelting furnace in which a measured quantity of pre-alloyed re-melted by induction heating and poured into ceramic mold under the vacuum to produce the required precision casting.
Heat exchange equipment
Titanium & Stainless Steels & By customer's order
Various types of heat exchanger equipment are used in the chemical industry depending upon the applications involved (i.e. based on service), but their common task is to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold one. The heat exchanger equipment involves heat energy transfer either by conduction, convection or by radiation mode.
In the chemical industry, shell and tube-type heat exchangers constitute the bulk of unfired heat transfer equipment. Based on the function, heat transfer equipment can be referred to as a cooler, heater, or condenser.
Industrial furnaces
Metallurgical furnaces are mostly used for extraction of metals from ores, calcining and sintering of ores, melting, refining and alloying of metals, heating of metals, carbonizing of coals, and heat treatment of metals etc.
Deep drilling machines
A deep hole drilling machine is a metal-cutting machine tool, designed to produce very deep, precision holes into virtually any metal. Deep hole drilling machines enable the performance of specific tools such as BTA and gundrills, to optimize the deep hole drilling process for manufacturers. Machines are engineered to integrate the technology used by these tools, and optimize all aspects of the process, to drill deep holes with accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Deep hole drilling machines are ideal for a variety of sizes of deep holes and production levels, and are necessary for holes that are approximately 20:1 depth-to-diameter or greater in ratio. Dedicated deep hole drilling machines provide the tooling support, coolant delivery, and process feedback that allow manufacturers to achieve their deep hole drilling goals. These features optimize the process and prioritize deep hole drilling methods, by reducing cycle time, stabilizing tooling, evacuate chips, and preventing tool breakage and process failures, when compared to CNC machining centers.
Reactors/Autoclaves/Technical vessels/Industrial Agitators
Fatami designs and manufactures custom made agitated reactors and autoclaves, tailored to every even very specific demand coming from fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industry.
Agitated pressure autoclaves and reactors
Stirrers: anchor/blade stirrer/propeller/turbine/impeller/helicoid/hydrogenation stirrer
Stirrer shaft sealing:mechanical seal/magnetic coupling/packing
Operating pressure up to 120 barg
Operating temperature up to 250 °C
Vessel with double jacket
Vessel with half pipe coil
Grinded internal surface, dead-spot free design
Sampling pipe
Upper inlet pipe
Working flanges and nozzles according to customer’s request
Inner cooling/heating coil
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