Agency support of clients
Each client is unique
  • 1
    Agency support of transactions
    An agency transaction is effected by a firm for the benefit of a customer. The firm merely executes a customer order and charges a fee for the service known as a commission.
  • 2
    Checking the supplier's activity during the full loading cycle
    We provide supplier and enterprise verification services in China or another country. When an order or delivery of products is carried out, our agents are ready to conduct an inspection on the fact of the manufacturer's or supplier's activity.
  • 3
    Sale of goods worldwide
    We sell products from China and Asia under the order or availability, we also help to sell the finished product to our partners from Europe, America, Latin America.
  • 4
    Departure of people to the territory to check suppliers
    Our employees are ready to come with an inspection to a meeting with the manufacturer to clarify the nuances or business information of concern to our client.
  • 5
    Assistance with placing an order at a large factory
    Our employees are happy to help our client place an order at a large enterprise in China or Asia, this service is provided individually for each order.
  • 6
    Other turnkey services
    We are glad to see you in our company, we are ready to help you in implementing your business plans into reality.
Our Contacts
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